It’s a matter of facts: sport joints people toghether and fathers and sons too. Today’s blog post id dedicated to a historical athlete of 707 Resistex Triathlon, Gabriele Pepito Salini. An exemplum of warrior – who never gives up – athlete and… Father.

Pepito reaches his best performance wearing our Resistex yarns in bioceramic and, by the way, he’s educating his sons in that direction.




Cognitive-behavioral treatment

Today our blog hosts an important research led by our american partners from Miami: Gravity Cool. Please, keep on reading and discover the best way to cure your… Insomnia!

In clinical settings, cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) has a 70-80 percent success rate for helping those who suffer from chronic insomnia. Almost one third of people with insomnia achieve normal sleep and most reduce their symptoms by 50 percent and sleep an extra 45-60 minutes a night. When insomnia exists along with other psychological disorders like depression, say the experts, the initial treatment should address the underlying condition.

But sometimes even after resolving the underlying condition, the insomnia still exists, says psychologist Jack Edinger, PhD, of the VA Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University and cautions that treating the depression usually doesn’t resolve the sleep difficulties. From his clinical experience, he has found that most patients with insomnia should be examined for specific behaviors and thoughts that may perpetuate the sleep problems. When people develop insomnia, they try to compensate by engaging in activities to help them get more sleep. They sleep later in the mornings or spend excessive times in bed. These efforts usually backfire, said Edinger.

From his clinical work and research on sleep, psychologist Charles M. Morin, PhD, a Professor in the Psychology Department and Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at University Laval in Quebec, Canada says that ten percent of adults suffer from chronic insomnia. In a study released in the recent issue of Sleep Medicine Alert published by the NSF, Morin outlines how CBT helps people overcome insomnia. Clinicians use sleep diaries to get an accurate picture of someone’s sleep patterns. Bedtime, waking time, time to fall asleep, number and durations of awakening, actual sleep time and quality of sleep are documented by the person suffering from insomnia.

A person can develop poor sleep habits (i.e. watching TV in bed or eating too much before bedtime), irregular sleep patterns (sleeping too late, taking long naps during the day) to compensate for lost sleep at night. Some patients also develop a fear of not sleeping and a pattern of worrying about the consequences of not sleeping, said Morin. “Treatments that address the poor sleep habits and the faulty beliefs and attitudes about sleep work but sometimes,” said Morin, “medication may play a role in breaking the cycle of insomnia. But behavioral therapies are essential for patients to alter the conditions that perpetuate it.”

CBT attempts to change a patient’s dysfunctional beliefs and attitudes about sleep. “It restructure thoughts — like, ‘I’ve got to sleep eight hours tonight’ or ‘I’ve got to take medication to sleep’ or ‘I just can’t function or I’ll get sick if I don’t sleep.’ These thoughts focus too much on sleep, which can become something like performance anxiety — sleep will come around to you when you’re not chasing it,” said Edinger.

What works in many cases, said Morin and Edinger, is to standardize or restrict a person’s sleep to give a person more control over his or her sleep. A person can keep a sleep diary for a couple of weeks and a clinician can monitor the amount of time spent in bed to the actual amount of time sleeping. Then the clinician can instruct the patient to either go to bed later and get up earlier or visa versa. This procedure improves the length of sleeping time by imposing a mild sleep deprivation situation, which has the result of reducing the anxiety surrounding sleep. To keep from falling asleep during the day, patients are told not to restrict sleep to less than five hours.

Standardizing sleep actually helps a person adjust his or her homeostatic mechanism that balances sleep, said Edinger. “Therefore, if you lose sleep, your homeostatic mechanism will kick in and will work to increase the likelihood of sleeping longer and deeper to promote sleep recovery. This helps a person come back to their baseline and works for the majority.”

A person can also establish more stimulus control over his or her bedroom environment, said Morin. This could include: going to bed only when sleepy, getting out of bed when unable to sleep, prohibiting non-sleep activities in the bedroom, getting up at the same time every morning (including weekends) and avoiding daytime naps.

Finally, a person can incorporate relaxation techniques as part of his or her treatment. For example, a person can give herself or himself an extra hour before bed to relax and unwind and time to write down worries and plans for the following day.

In CBT, said Morin, breaking the thought process and anxiety over sleep is the goal. “After identifying the dysfunctional thought patterns, a clinician can offer alternative interpretations of what is getting the person anxious so a person can think about his or her insomnia in a different way.” Morin offers some techniques to restructure a person’s cognitions. “Keep realistic expectations, don’t blame insomnia for all daytime impairments, do not feel that losing a night’s sleep will bring horrible consequences, do not give too much importance to sleep and finally develop some tolerance to the effects of lost sleep.

According to Edinger, aging weakens a person’s homeostatic sleep drive after age 50. Interestingly, the length of the circadian cycle stays roughly the same over the lifespan but the amplitude of the circadian rhythm may decline somewhat with aging.

Resistex: Which Yarn is Better For You?

Some people think of the importance of choosing a well made textile, but less of them consider the importance of yarns which compone it.

That’s wgy we today bring you to consider several features that characterize our yarns, made unique by their high level of performance.

In this post we speak about four types, the ones mainly used to realize performing clothes and accessories, sons of years and years of study and technology development.

  1. COPPER: Resistex® Copper is a high-tech yarn obtained by the union of natural or artificial fibers with pure copper. Because it speeds up the evaporation process of perspiration,slow down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant. Because copper is present in the superoxide dismutase enzyme. It has a strong antioxidant valid action eliminating free radicals, the cause of aging.
  2. BIOCERAMIC: Resistex® Bioceramic is the ultimate discover in Resistex®. It enriches the range of high-tech and innovative yarns offering total protection against environmental changes and against their consequences on human health. Non toxic, does not contain chemicals, It is a recyclable material. Because the bio-ceramic fiber ensures long-term freshness during exposure and sports activities.
  3. CARBON: Resistex® Carbon is a yarn by the unique technical characte- ristics, obtained by the union of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon. Because it speeds up the evaporation process of perspiration, slow down the formation of humidity on the skin and keeps the temperature constant. 
  4. SILVER: Resistex® Silver is the ultimate discover in Resistex®. It enriches the range of high-tech and innovative yarns offering total protection against environmental changes and against their consequences on human health. Because silver can eliminate a broad-spectrum of microbes. It works on microorganism cell walls. Thanks to this property, copper helps to reduce bad odor caused by some microbes.

Now it’s time to make a choice and find your perfects yarn: get on WWW.RESISTEX.COM

How To Face The Change of Season with Silver

Spring is behind the corner and it’s comung quickly: are you sure to be readu to face thw change of season? Your body answers the external impulses given by nature, creating a sensation of tiredness.

Due to these causes you’re going to live a particular situation which includes difficulty to get up in the morning; difficulty to keep on concentrated; but it’s not all.

Enviroment vibes change too, the elecetricity of the air hits your body, specially when you’re practicing sports. So out team is pleased to suggest you some tactics of wellness which starts with the use of our yarns…

Silver has been used for centuries to prevent and treat a variety of diseases, especially the infective types. It is well documented as silver coins were used in ancient Greece and at Roman times to disinfect stored water and many other liquids.

Because silver is an excellent conductor of heat, due to this characteristic it carries away excess heat, maintaining the body ideal temperature. Because of its particular structure, it maintains a constant effectiveness over time, even after many washings.

Discover more on http://www.resistex.com





The Role of Leadership

An important consideration is related to all the partners which contact us and choose our yarns to create performing products.

Everybody wants to obtain a leader position reachable thanks to the quality by one works. So our customers trust they can give their textile products a plus using our yarns: it’s part of the strategy to win a challenge:

Sport, Home living, Resistence, Good slept. But the result is the end of a path and the difference is made by the steps you walk.

That’s way every Resistex partner collocate himself in a leader position; that’s why we struggle everyday to leader in what we do, wherever we go.

Which yarn is made for your needs?

Resistex® Copper fights germs and bacteria potentially harmful to human health: it’s an antibacterial, which means it’s able to inhibit the breeding of bacteria. Metals such as copper and silver are known as bactericidal agents and this effect is due to their action on the cell wall of the microorganism. This property helps reducing odors caused by bacteria.

The range of yarns Resistex® Copper is used for its anti-static nature, for its excellent thermal conduction and its antibacterial and beneficial properties for the human body.

Resistex Bioceramic

Prolonged exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays increases the risk of skin cancer and can cause rashes and burns. The UV-A rays pass through the epidermis and, in a good proportion, reach the dermis, causing tissue damages, dryness and premature aging of the skin.

UV-B rays are instead totally absorbed by the epidermis subjecting it to the risk of burns, blemishes and irritations. The epidermis produces an important protective pigment, melanin. Because of the damage suffered by the cells that produce this substance we can assist the occurrence of permanent stains on the skin.

These harmful ultraviolet rays should be totally absorbed by the ozone layer around the Earth. The pollution of the atmosphere is, however, progressively compromising the protection of the ozone layer facilitating the passage of UV rays. The Resistex® Bioceramic yarn is able to guarantee the right protection our body needs.

Resistex Carbon

Extensive studies in the field of ESD (Electro Static Discharge), have shown that the problem of controlling static electricity and electric fields variables, refer to any type of environment. The human organism is affected by the presence of these natural phenomena.

In fact, the electrical charges that are dispersed in our body are responsible for numerous adverse effects. Resistex® Carbon prevent the discharge of electrical charges on the body, thus preventing muscle twitching, cramps, and fatigue.

Carbon improves the electric performance of human bodies by promoting blood circulation and the regular supply of oxygen to the cells.

The characteristics of high conductivity Resistex® Carbon also allow to improve the dispersion of moisture favoring sweat evaporation. The least moisture in contact with the skin, the greater is the sensation of wellbeing.

Resistex BioCeramic

The solar spectrum contains not only the harmful UV-A and UV-B but also the beneficial FIR, far infrared rays, a type of electromagnetic waves of reduced length. Thanks to the action of bio-ceramics, the body heat absorbed by the yarn can be returned in the form of rays FIR (far infrared rays) that are able to penetrate the subcutaneous tissues and stimulate the micro circulation, strengthening our metabolism.

As studies in the biological field have shown, FIR rays are absorbed very easily by the body to which they are an essential contribution for its growth and development.

Resistex® Bioceramic is thus able to reproduce the FIR rays emitted by the sun also known as “rays of life”.


Riders, in Yarn They Trust

Everyone in his specific field, where he’s keen on, looks for something safe and comfortable. Today’s telling is so referred to riders, a real club composed by very appassionate people who can’t renouce to their full speed race on motorcycle.

That’s why we would like to introduce you Spaio, a polish brand which has chosen our Resistex Carbon yarn to realize the new wearing collection. Resistence, comfort, breathability, sweat absorbment and moreover, antistatic and antibacterial properties. An all in one solution made possibile and real overall by our brand.

Now go ahead over the insights features, and let the speech to some fashion insiders, who considerates also the awsome style ofthe products, divided in three lines: extreme, thermo and simple. Everyone is customizable on person desire and personal style




Skywalk Silver, better than heaven

Listening to Skywalk looks like a stroll in heaven with lightness and pleasure for your feet. Indeed there’s a component of our Silver yarn in it. Skywalk is the new socks of Ibici.

Relaxing and energising unisex support socks, solutions of wellbeing and comfort also for her, in cotton or in polyamide, with the addition of yearns with antimicrobial, antistatic and thermoregulation effects. The real anatomic heel guarantees an optimal elastocompressive action, and the high, comfortable elastic band guarantees a perfect fit.

Energising unisex sock with Supplex, a yarn similar to cotton, footsole with Resistex, a yarn in silver with antistatic and antimicrobial effect on the sock. With anatomic heel and high comfort band. UNISEX Compression: 11/14 mmHg, 15/19 hPa

So it’s time to take the distance for a moment from the idea that Resistex is only for sportsmen. Yes, because Resistex fits everybody, in fashion and daily comfort too. Discover our yarns on WWW.RESISTEX.COM

The Carbon & The Wonderful Socks

The bike. The bike is the road. The bike is the alignment of mind, heart and legs in unlimited and continuos motion. For the duration.

The Wonderful Socks were conceived on a summer’s day, next to a famous mountain, beloved by the cycling folk. Those who love
to climb mountains. tenaciuos men, light as a feather, ever close to the sky.

June 2014, Mont Ventoux. A giant 1,920 ms high, 20,8 km long, with a
7,5 % medium gradient. A cycling enthusiast’s dream and a goal.
A monster of eternal beauty. A huge stark peak emerging from a stunning forest. Everything is ready. Bicycle, apparel, legs and mind. But something is missing. Facing the challenge that will change your life, miles away
from home, yourealise you forgot the socks. But you can sacrify your feet because
real cyclists only need their legs, right? Socks are secondary, right? Wrong. Socks are key to manteining warm, insulated
and comfy feet. Hustle and sweat are the traffic island of an unforgettable day. It is respect and reverence for the mountain that drive the cycling enthusiast to the top of the peak. The challenge is won, socks down.

Each Wonderful Sock is made in Italy following the highest hosiery factory craft tradition. Everything is produced to a high standard to enhance your best performances.

We use first rate yarns only. Poplypropylene, a high-tech microfibre which is much more thermo-insulating them virgin wool. It spreads your sweat out 167 times faster then cotton to guarantee the best performance in extreme circumstances.

Resistex® Carbon is a fibre made from a unique and continuous filament of carbon and fabric fibres.

Highly breathable and incredibly light weight. Thanks to these enhancements the temperature of your feet remains stable, and any dampness is expelled very rapidly.

2017, The Year to Set Your Goal

Motivation is the base to start every enterprise in your lives. A good strategy never can without voluntry: this is the status quo, the statement adopted by every great men in every field they operate.

Well. The year is over and for 365 days our brand worked to extend its community overboarding the theme of yarns and textiles – our business – arriving to an important step: the philosophy of performance.

Resistex developed several yarn each one focused on a particular goal and every one set to give benefits to human being.

Now a summarize to obtain all the basic notions related to the meaning of oerforming with us.

BIOCERAMIC: Resistex® Bioceramic is the ultimate discover in Resistex®. It enriches the range of high-tech and innovative yarns offering total protection against environmental changes and against their consequences on human health.

CARBON: Resistex® Carbon is a yarn by the unique technical characte- ristics, obtained by the union of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon.

SILVER: Resistex® Silver is the ultimate discover in Resistex®. It enriches the range of high-tech and innovative yarns offering total protection against environmental changes and against their consequences on human health.

COPPER: Resistex® Copper is a high-tech yarn obtained by the union of natural or artificial fibers with pure copper.

And tha’t all at the moment. Happy New Year, happy for life, enjoy with Resistex.

2016, The Year of Textile Information

Hi everybody,

this year is going to expire and to change into 2017. Every week our team has shared with you that expertize which distinguishes our company by posting very useful tips to better know the textile world made of yarns and their properties.

Our engagement is totally related to upgrade your knowledge level in the textile field and give the answer to the following question:

which kind of textile should I choose for my sportswearing? For my Curtain? For my blankets?

Ok. It’s time to summarize everithing before saying goodbye to the 2016…


Reflecting poweR. The reflectance of infrared (IR) in silver is greater than 95%. This value is higher than any other element, and it means that 95% of the radiant energy which comes into contact with silver is reflected back to its source. Consequently Resistex® Silver reduces to a minimum the dispersion of heat, reflecting on the skin its own energy. For this reason, clothing made with winter Resistex® Silver are much warmer than regular ones.

Radiating poweR. Silver has one of the lowest rates of radiance among all the elements, which means that it has a very low speed radiation of heat. Silver remains hot for a long time (as opposed to the other elements which retain heat for a very short time). The winter clothing in Resistex® Silver are able to absorb and store in its fibers for a very long time the heat that is not reflected on the body. For this reason, clothing made with winter Resistex® Silver keep the wearer warm much longer.


evapoRating poweR. Resistex® Silver promotes the natural transfer of humidity through the hydrophobic materials the same way the body does through evaporation. In a humid environment the conductive properties of Resistex® Silver increase the rate of moisture evaporation compared to the other hydrophobic materials. For this reason, clothing made with winter Resistex® Silver eliminate the body moisture faster.


Resistex® Bioceramic is a polyester fiber linked to bio-ceramic crystals and capable of performing an action highly beneficial to the human body.
On the one hand a natural absorbing function against harmful ultraviolet rays UV-A and UV-B impacting the skin causing irritation, sunburn and melanomas.

On the other reflective action of the rays of thermal nature constitutes a real shielding effect against the heat of the sun. The unique technology of Resistex® Bioceramic allows to lower the temperature of the inner surface of the fabric ensuring freshness and comfort during sports activities and exposure to the sun.


In human body metabolism, copper is an essential element for children development, bone strengthening, the formation of red and white blood cells, iron transport, cholesterol and glucose metabolism, heart contraction and brain development. A deficiency of copper, on the contrary, can lead to health problems. It’s present in a human adult in the extent of 1.4 – 2.1 mg per kilo of body weight, amount which is three times higher in the first years of life. An adult needs a daily intake of 0.9 mg of copper per day (as determined by the National Academy of Science, USA).

A daily intake of copper is therefore necessary to maintain a good balance, especially since, in normal conditions, the human body retains only 1% of ingested copper.



It is shown that Resistex® Carbon increases the efficiency of technical sportswear increasing muscular performances of the athlete. Resistex® Carbon is high performance, in particular, in disciplines that require prolonged physical effort over time and under high temperature ambient conditions. The performance of the athlete, intended as the percentage of metabolic energy that the muscular system is able to transform into mechanical energy, remains constant and even tends to grow during the thirty minutes of effort wearing the shirt Resistex® Carbon;

in particular it is observed a performance of 24.68% at 15 minutes against one of 24.93% at the end of 30 minutes.

On the contrary, by wearing a jersey in total polyester, the performance percentage tends to diminish over time during the exercise. So Resistex® Carbon delays the onset of fatigue during exercise.

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