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Change The World With Yarns

tech-concept-680x475There are some features in common between all the yarns produced by our brand and a vocation devoted to men’s lives.

For sports, work and everyday life are always perfect but the choice is up to you: which one fits you better?

Antimicrobial: Copper and silver are able to eliminate a large spectrum of microbes, by acting on the cell wall of microorganisms. Thanks to its properties, Resistex Copper and Resistex Inox help reduce odors caused by microbes.

Antistatic: Special conductive fibers like carbon, copper or silver absorb and dissipate electric charges that accumulate from the external environment or during physical activity.

Against Sun: Bioceramic fiber ensures a long-lasting coolness during sun exposure or sport activities

Bacteriostatic: Respectful of the skin, protects from bacteria and polluting dusts, eliminating the risk of annoying allergies.

Beneficial to Human Body: Metals such as copper and silver are essential to the metabolism, both metals are necessary for growth and development, indispensable for good health.

This article describes all the features related to the benefit for human body, and helps all the clothes producers to choose the best yarn they need.




download (3)Silver has been used for centuries to prevent and treat a variety of diseases, especially the infective types. It is well documented as silver coins were used in ancient Greece and at Roman times to disinfect stored water and many other liquids. Even today, NASA uses silver to preserve the purity of the Space Shuttle.

Because silver can eliminate a broad-spectrum of microbes. It works on microorganism cell walls. Thanks to this property, copper helps to reduce bad odor caused by some microbes.

Moreover this type of yarn has a Reflecting poweR. The reflectance of infrared (IR) in silver is greater than 95%. This value is higher than any other element, and it means that 95% of the radiant energy which comes into contact with silver is reflected back to its source. Consequently Resistex® Silver reduces to a minimum the dispersion of heat, reflecting on the skin its own energy. For this reason, clothing made with winter Resistex® Silver are much warmer than regular ones.


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